Why Should You Buy a Used INFINITI Vehicle?

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Why Should You Buy a Used INFINITI Vehicle?

Should I Buy a Used INFINITI Model?

Looking for a used INFINITI dealership near Miami, FL, that carries rides that fit your budget without compromising quality? You’ve come to the right place, as we carry some of the road’s best luxury cars while helping you fit these prestigious cruisers into your financial plan. But are you curious about whether a used car is right for you? And what about the questions you should ask before committing to a purchase? Not to worry, as today, we’re here to guide you through the process. Also, visit us at South Motors INFINITI, your local used car dealership near Pinecrest, to test drive your favorite pre-owned models.

Why Should I Consider a Used Car vs. New?

While new models carry abundant merits, it’s hard to go wrong with a used INFINITI vehicle, where you can save money for purchasing your ride. After all, when you buy new, depreciation can set in as much as 10% the instant it leaves the dealership—and that’s before the massive depreciation that sets in after three years when most leases end (in some cases, more than half the vehicle’s initial value).

Therefore, since you’re paying less for your vehicle for buying a used model, you can often opt for higher trim levels or more premium options like navigation or climate-controlled seats and still save when compared to buying the same model new. Plus, since peak depreciation has often set in, you won’t experience near the net financial loss when you trade-in your ride when compared to selling a vehicle you bought new (which again, helps with savings in the long run).

Also, keep in mind you’ll usually pay less for insurance when you purchase a used car, especially since service center repairs tend to cost less on an older model than a brand-new vehicle as a result of new technology and features (sometimes more than $1000 depending on the year and type of damage). Since these repairs cost less, used car premiums usually cost far less as well, which could save you hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars at the end of the year.

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Is a Certified Pre-Owned Model Different from General Used?

Do you want a gently used vehicle with new-car-like benefits? Consider a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) INFINITI model, where every car and SUV must first pass a 167-point inspection that looks at everything from leaks and hoses to your powertrain, wiring, and even road tests to help ensure the cruiser still runs in premium condition. Also, each INFINITI vehicle must read less than 60,000 miles on the odometer and present a clean title history and CARFAX Vehicle History Report before reaching CPO status, helping ensure you avoid a lemon when used car buying.

On top of full peace of mind, a CPO INFINITI model also brings to you a 6-year/unlimited mileage warranty to help ensure we ride with you long after your purchase. Also, you’ll receive complimentary First Year Basic Maintenance to help keep your costs lower alongside Emergency Roadside Assistance to help you when you run over a sharp object in the road and puncture a tire or run out of gas on the highway and need a quick refuel. On top of epic benefits, you’ll also have access to a massive inventory of your favorite INFINITI vehicles, ranging from the sleek QX60 for smooth urban rides to the Q50 for a luxurious and sporty sedan that’s all about pure exhilaration—but act fast when you see a model you like before another driver claims the ride you’re eyeing.

What Else Should I Consider Before Buying a Used Car?

Before you buy a used car near Cutler Bay, you’ll first want to set a firm budget. Not to worry, as our finance center is always eager to help you find a ride that fits within your financial plan—and they can even help you consider a vehicle that fits your lifestyle needs.

Next, you’ll want to research your vehicles. Thankfully, our online inventory is always available to you for quick references to features and specs to help you find the ultimate ride. If you ever have questions, our team is also eager to help, whether it’s finding the features/trim you want or walking you through tech systems like the infotainment that grabs your curiosity.

Lastly, make sure you schedule a test drive. This is your chance to help ensure a used vehicle rides in a way that works for you while also packing the comfort and entertainment features that meet the demands of your commutes and adventures. Plus, you can even bring along passengers to test out the rear seats and ensure the cabin stacks up to your expectations—don’t forget to ask us any questions that pop up as well to help make sure you’re looking at a perfect match for you.

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Looking for an INFINITI used car dealership loaded with the models you love, visit us today at South Motors INFINITI in Miami and test drive your favorite models. While you’re here, our team will help you in any way possible, whether it’s assisting you in finding the ultimate luxury car or exploring financial plans—and that’s only the start of how we step up as your local used car dealer in Miami.

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