What Should You Do for an INFINITI Recall?

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What Should You Do for an INFINITI Recall?

I Heard My INFINITI Has a Recall—What Should I Do?

Hear about an INFINITI recall on your vehicle? No need to panic, as these issues are easily fixable. Also, our team is here to walk you through the process to help your recall repair feel as easy as possible. For extra reassurance, only factory-trained professionals who understand INFINITI cars and SUVs inside and out will touch your ride, helping ensure precision and speed with each service. So, ready to help resolve a recall? Schedule your recall service with us at South Motors INFINITI in Miami, FL to get started.

What’s the Reason for My Car’s Recall?

The real reason for a recall could be nearly anything that comes to mind. Sometimes, the issue could be related to your gas cap preventing you from maxing out your full fuel economy. However, other times, the problem could be life-threatening, like the INFINITI airbag recall, where the bags weren’t properly folded, and could tear the safety component upon deployment, potentially hurting your front passengers.

So, in mild cases, like gas cap issues that aren’t tied to your safety, you can use your personal discretion regarding how soon you schedule a repair. However, in cases like the airbag situation, you’ll want to schedule your recall service ASAP, as holding off could endanger you and your passengers.

Also, keep in mind you have virtually nothing to lose since you pay nothing for the INFINITI repair service for recalls. Instead, INFINITI covers the costs for you, so feel free to schedule your service today.

How Do I Know If My Ride Has a Recall?

Most of the time, you’ll receive a first-class letter in the mail informing you that your model has an active recall. However, you can also visit the INFINITI website’s safety recall and service info, where you can enter your VIN number and see if you have any issues that demand a repair. Keep in mind the INFINITI recall check only informs you of unrepaired recalls—so, if you or a previous owner already took care of an issue, it won’t be listed if you enter your VIN.

But what should you do if a recall is connected to a repair you’ve already paid for? This situation is case-specific in how we proceed, so let a team member know, and we’ll walk you through available reimbursement options, as you’re usually protected by the Tread Act Customer Reimbursement Plan.

Fix Your Recalls Today, Start Near Pinecrest

Wondering what should you do if your INFINITI has a recall? No need to worry, as we’re here to guide you through the full process from scheduling your service to letting you know what we’ll do. Get started today by scheduling your INFINITI recall service at the South Motors INFINITI service center near Homestead, FL. While you’re here, we also put your needs first, from helping you see what we can do for your INFINITI QX80 to answering any questions that pop up—it’s only the beginning of how we help as your local INFINITI service center near Cutler Bay, FL.

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