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A women searching on the INFINITI website for a new INFINITI for sale in Miami

INFINITI NOW: A Premium Car Shopping Experience Delivered to Your Door

Superior Service Right at Your Doorstep

Online shopping is your cup of tea, perhaps, because you enjoy the convenience of exploring your options first before making a purchase, on your terms and right in the comforts of your home.

INFINITI NOW, a revolutionary online car shopping experience, is designed for drivers like you. With INFINITI now, you can enjoy a premium stress-free shopping experience like no other without leaving your couch. When you’re ready to look for the perfect INFINITI car to be your new travel buddy, INFINITI NOW will do the legwork for you. All it takes is a few clicks on your digital device and presto, premium INFINITI service will be delivered right at your doorstep.

Visit our INFINITI dealership in Miami, Florida at South Motors INFINITI and inquire about INFINITI NOW!

Car Buying in Four Easy Steps

If you’re pressed for time or practicing social distancing and unable to go to an actual INFINITI dealership, don’t worry. You can still shop for your next INFINITI vehicle online in just four easy steps.

One, using your computer or digital device, you can visit our site and browse through our selection of INFINITI cars and SUVs. Explore trims, specs, and key features including performance, safety, security, and technology features, and find out what suits your driving needs and budget best.

Two, after exploring your options, you can finally select the INFINITI vehicle of your choice. You can chat with us online or contact us and an experienced sales and customer service staff from our dealership will walk you through the process and answer your questions.

Three, set up your payments. We’ll take care of the financial aspect of buying your car by providing you with financial options including leases, local offers, and discounts, assessment of trade-in values, credit score estimations, and credit approvals or pre-approvals.

Four, go for a test-drive. When you’re ready, schedule for a test drive and we’ll deliver your car of choice right at your door, so you can experience the power of your new INFINITI and delight in its beauty. Our expert team will be right there with you in case you have questions or have concerns with your new INFINITI.

Convenient Pick-Up and Delivery

INFINITI NOW is all about our customers. We have implemented our convenient delivery services system so we can pick up your INFINITI vehicle if you need to have it serviced in our service center. You can contact one of our staff to schedule a pickup and we’ll be there every step of the way to take care of the leg work. After the service is done, we will bring back your INFINITI vehicle and park it right in your driveway.

Celebrating our INFINITI Family

As part of our INFINITI family, we’ll keep you up to date on the latest INFINITI news and events including local events in our dealership. We’ll also share with you the latest promotions, offers, and rewards going on at our INFINITI dealership. Our expert INFINITI team will always be available for you online, on the phone, and in the dealership should you have questions or concerns about your INFINITI vehicle.

Putting Your Health First

With the recent pandemic, we have implemented the INFINITI Retailers’ Health-Minded Practices so we can ensure your safety whether you’re in our dealership or dealing with our team who visits your home for any INFINITI-related services.

We practice thorough sanitization of our INFINITI vehicles in the showroom and those that get delivered to your door. We also implement regular inspections of our health and wellness measures including disinfection of our facilities to make sure they are effective, as well as monitoring the health of our staff according to CDC guidelines.

Visit our INFINITI dealership in Miami, Florida, or speak to our South Motors INFINITI staff to learn more about INFINITI NOW today!

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