What is INFINITI direct adaptive steering

January 28th, 2021 by
Interior view of an INFINITI front dash showcasing the tech features.

INFINITI Direct Adaptive Steering: Ride with Auto-First Tech

Innovative Steering: Blending Sport, Control, and Precision

You already know INFINITI vehicles for seamlessly mixing speed, comfort, and exhilaration for your commutes and adventures from Pinecrest to the opposite end of the state. Now, imagine elevating that driving experience even further with steering that responds 12 percent faster during your drives. Whether you’re in the mood to attack corners and mountain curves, dominate the highways, or enjoy a smooth ride that responds to your commands, INFINITI Direct Adaptive Steering® (DAS) has you covered with world-leading technology. Find out how this system will take your cruises to new heights by heading to South Motors INFINITI in Miami today and test driving an INFINITI model with DAS equipped.

Direct Adaptive Steering System: Turn into a Steering Pro

With this INFINITI world-first technology, you can count on a premium driving experience for any mood you enter. By removing the mechanical connection most cars place between your steering wheel and tires, DAS causes your steering inputs to process up to 1,000 times faster per second, granting you near-instant reactions to where you want to go. So, whether you prefer a swift and action-packed ride or a system that can help you avoid a fender bender with a rapid merge for impeccable INFINITI safety, Direct Adaptive Steering aims to upgrade your overall driving experience while easing your steering effort.

How Effective Is DAS?

When you employ Direct Adaptive Steering, you’ll choose from different modes and sensitivity levels to adjust steering settings to your preferences and cruising style. Enter standard mode, and, at lower speeds, the technology helps you enter tight alleys and maneuver around parking garages with ease. The moment you enter sport mode and travel at 60 mph, you’ll find your steering ratio is four percent faster than typical systems—for an even stronger steering response, put your ride into Sport+, and you’ll enjoy steering that activates 12% faster, helping you adjust to the curves of the open highway with ease. But then again, this technology took a full 10 years of research and development and three years of testing—so it’s only natural you’d find such reliable and responsive results on the road.

Finding the Right Ride: What Models Use DAS?

Most current INFINITI models support Direct Adaptive Steering, so whether you crave the stylish and adventure-driven nature of the INFINITI QX60 crossover or the swift rides and show-stopping design of the INFINITI Q50 sedan, DAS is there to help you command the road. For more information, ask a member of our team which models support this innovative feature.

“Steer” into Smooth Rides Near Cutler Bay, FL

Ready to cruise with impeccable performance and control? Stop by South Motors INFINITI near Homestead today to test drive an INFINITI model supporting INFINITI Direct Adaptive Steering and see what a truly responsive ride feels like. As your local INFINITI dealership, we dedicate ourselves to helping you find the ultimate driving experience—so let us know if you’re looking for a specific feature or INFINITI tech system, and we’ll work our hardest to find the right cruiser for you.

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