Tips for Keeping Your INFINITI Running Like New

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Tips for Keeping Your INFINITI Running Like New

Tips for Keeping Your INFINITI Running Like New

Enhance Your INFINITI’s Premium Performance

INFINITI vehicles are designed for safety, comfort, and high performance, a luxury car you can rely on for all your travel needs. But to keep it running in excellent condition, you must take care of it.

There are many ways to preserve your INFINITI’s superior performance, including checking its essential components regularly to detect signs of deterioration, malfunction, or damage. But the best way to preserve and enhance its road capabilities is to let expert INFINITI mechanics perform routine maintenance.

At South Motors INFINITI, we help INFINITI owners like you keep your INFINITI longer and better through the years, allowing you to enjoy your vehicle with peace of mind and saving you money on costly repairs.

If you’re in Miami, FL, visit the South Motors INFINITI Service Center and learn more about our routine maintenance services administered by our team of expert INFINITI-certified mechanics and technicians today!

Keep a Handy Checklist

If you drive daily, your vehicle’s parts are exposed to normal wear and tear. And if you don’t keep track of what‘s going on inside and outside your INFINITI, your safety can be compromised.

To monitor your vehicle’s status, it’s a good idea to keep a checklist. Whether driving around the neighborhood for a quick errand or traveling long distances during vacations and getaways with your friends and family, you must ensure your INFINITI is running properly.

Check for unnecessary and loud noises inside and outside your vehicle. Any strange noise can be an indication of car damage. You should also monitor your car’s fluids and tire pressure, ensuring they’re within the recommended levels.

For accurate information on the manufacturer’s recommended INFINITI maintenance, you can always check your owner’s manual or visit the expert INFINITI mechanic you trust. It will tell you important information, including when to schedule your vehicle for maintenance and which oil to use for your car (conventional oil, synthetic motor oil, or full synthetic oil).

The Benefits of Expert Maintenance

You can take your INFINITI to random car shops and mechanics, which can compromise your vehicle’s performance. In the long run, you may spend more on repairs if your maintenance is not done correctly.

Expert mechanics and technicians from authorized INFINITI dealers are trained and certified by INFINITI. They understand your vehicle and know how to administer the proper care for your INFINITI’s longevity and reliability.

INFINITI Service Centers also use the most up-to-date tools and equipment and genuine INFINITI parts to ensure nothing in your vehicle is compromised to keep you and your passengers safe and comfortable on the road.

When you go to an authorized dealer for service, you can also take advantage of limited and extended warranties, including 24-hour customer service and road assistance and financing programs.

We’ll Keep Your INFINITI Running Like New

South Motors INFINITI continues to provide expert maintenance and repair services to INFINITI owners in Miami, FL. And we’d love to help you keep your INFINITI running in excellent condition.

Our Service Center offers premium maintenance services, including expert INFINITI oil changes, brake repair, battery replacement, cabin and engine filter checkups, and more. You can also avail yourself of our special offers, warranties, and financing programs.

Visit South Motors INFINITI and schedule your INFINITI maintenance services today!

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