The Best INFINITI Oil Change and More in Miami

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The Best INFINITI Oil Change and More in Miami

Is an INFINITI Oil Change Really All That Important?

In a word, absolutely. As the lifeblood for virtually every part of your vehicle’s engine, clean oil is imperative to keeping your INFINITI or other car running smoothly. When you invest in something as special as an INFINITI, you want it to both show and go.

In doing due diligence by having your oil changed on a regular basis, questions may arise. After all, depending on what you drive, there are different types of oil and varying spans of time recommended for service.

To get answers to many of these questions and ensure the best INFINITI oil change service in Miami, please continue reading. We then hope you’ll follow the lead of many other South Florida drivers and take advantage of the exceptional service center at South Motors INFINITI.

What’s the Best Oil for Your Car?

Not all drivers are aware that traditional oil from Mother Earth isn’t the only type used in oil changes. In fact, it could very well be the wrong kind. Be sure to know what kind of oil your INFINITI or other vehicle takes.

If your INFINITI is a newer model year, chances are, it relies on synthetic oil. As opposed to the natural oil drawn from earth, synthetic oil is a human-made lubricant created from chemical compounds. As lab-engineered oils, synthetic oil not only tends to perform stronger than traditional oil, but it lasts longer. That translates to fewer oil changes.

Most older cars operate on conventional crude oil. Natural oil doesn’t provide the strength-of-benefit as does synthetic oil, which results in the need for more frequent oil changes than those vehicles with synthetic oil.

Regardless of what type of oil you need, South Motors INFINITI regularly features INFINITI oil change specials, including for high-mileage vehicles. For those, we use a synthetic oil blended with additives to offer extra support to older, high mileage engines. Make your next appointment online today.

How to Know When it’s Time for an INFINITI Oil Change

Changing the oil in your INFINITI on regular intervals is vital to the life and longevity of its engine. One of the most often-asked questions about the process is with regard to exactly what that regular interval is. It’s a good question, because all vehicles are different.

There are a few factors which determine the frequency of recommended oil change. Older cars with conventional oil should be changed roughly every 3,000-5,000 miles. These vehicles may not feature in-car notifications when that time comes, but you’re provided information with mileage.

Vehicles with either full synthetic or synthetic blends typically need oil change service oil approximately every 10,000 miles. Regardless of oil type, it is important to stay regular. Over time, your engine’s oil collects such things as dirt and shards of metal which can adversely affect the integrity and performance ability of your INFINITI or other vehicle.

South Motors INFINITI Service Center for the Life of Your INFINITI

In addition to quality INFINITI oil service in Miami, FL, South Motors INFINITI is home to one of South Florida’s premiere service centers. Factory-trained technicians handle everything from routine oil changes to full-blown engine changes. While the quality of our work stands superior to other service centers, South Motors INFINITI remains extremely competitive with other repair shops.

Whether you’re looking to get an INFINITI serviced or actually looking to get an INFINITI, look no further than South Motors INFINITI. Nothing turns a driver off like pushy salespeople. As a dealership that finds tremendous value in word-of-mouth recommendations, pressure is not a tactic we practice. We hope you will become – or remain – one of the many drivers in South Florida who take advantage of the friendly, personal service at South Motors INFINITI.

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