Summer Vehicle Maintenance Tips

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Summer Vehicle Maintenance Tips

Summer Vehicle Maintenance Tips

Preparing Your INFINITI for Summer in South Florida

The Miami area is known for its perpetually pleasant temperatures, but the summer heat and humidity can reach extreme levels. The temperatures can wreak havoc on your vehicle if you neglect summer maintenance. At South Motors INFINITI, our service center can help you with INFINITI summer vehicle maintenance in Miami, Florida.

Our factory-trained and certified technicians use the latest technology and tools to help you fully enjoy your INFINITI ownership experience.

Stay Cool With Summer INFINITI Maintenance

Air conditioning is a must-have in South Florida – especially when summer temperatures rise. Our technicians can perform an AC check looking at the components under the hood like the refrigerant and condense. They can also check and replace your cabin air filter so that you don’t have to breathe in pollen and mold when your windows are up and the AC is blowing.

Our well-trained technicians can also check your vehicle’s cooling system including the radiator, coolant levels, hoses, and sensors, so you don’t end up with an overheating engine on the busy South Florida highways.

You can also help your INFINITI vehicle run at its peak with our oil change service. Your engine works hard in the summer, and having fresh engine oil and a fresh filter improves gas mileage and prevents overheating from excessive friction.

Staying Safe on Your Road Trips

Your safety matters to us, which is why we provide top-notch INFINITI service in Miami, FL. Part of our dedication to your safety includes our well-stocked parts department with new windshield wiper blades when you need improved visibility in the summer rains.

Our technicians conduct a free multipoint inspection when you bring your INFINITI in for service. They check your tires and tire pressure so you can stay safe on the busy roads around Homestead, FL. They also look at your spare tire, and other emergency kit features so you can be safe on your summer car trips.

Our technicians can also do a battery check so you won’t end up stranded and in need of a jump start. With car-care battery checks, our technicians look for corrosion on the terminals and at your battery’s remaining life. It’s a good idea to replace your battery before it dies, so you won’t need a tow or other roadside assistance.

Visit the Service Center at South Motors INFINITI in Miami, Florida

When it’s time for summer vehicle maintenance, we invite you to try the service center at South Motors INFINITI in Palmetto Bay, FL. With our convenient online service scheduling and affordable service financing, we are dedicated to making your INFINITI ownership easy and stress-free.

Our factory-trained and certified technicians use genuine INFINITI parts, and our knowledgeable service advisors track every visit to build a comprehensive vehicle history report to add value to your vehicle.

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