My INFINITI Has Been Recalled. What Now?

January 3rd, 2022 by

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My INFINITI Has Been Recalled. What Now?

What Is an INFINITI Recall?

Car recalls are an essential part of maintaining roadway safety. A vehicle that’s under recall has one or more faulty components that negatively impact a driver’s ability to stay secure behind the wheel.

Have you ever wondered who’s behind these safety announcements? The U.S.’s NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) and car manufacturers are the two groups that communicate recalls to the public. It’s standard practice for the NHTSA or a car’s manufacturer to let drivers know about these notices through email or mail within 60 days of the issue going into effect.

Recalls can relate to a car’s material, a component within the vehicle, performance, or construction elements. Manufacturers will offer repairs and component replacements when working to address these issues.

While it’s true that recalls can happen for a variety of reasons, these orders will always specify the problem at hand. Recent model INFINITI’s like the 2021 Q50, Q60, and QX80 had some 3,500 units affected by a software error that might deactivate the rearview display during reverse driving. Other instances like INFINITI QX56 recalls centered around airbag inflation problems in 2020.

Let’s examine the quickest way that you can check if your INFINITI is under recall.

How to Check if Your INFINITI Has a Recall

The South Motors INFINITI website streamlines your ability to view your model’s recall status and see if the problem has been addressed. You can begin checking on whether or not your car has a recall issue by scrolling over our dealership site’s ‘Service’ tab. Once you scroll over our online ‘Service’ website category, you can enter your car’s VIN (vehicle identification number) to begin your search.

A vehicle’s VIN is a 17-digit number that’s unique to every car. You can find your INFINITI’s VIN on the lower portion of the driver side’s interior dashboard. Vehicle registration and insurance documents are two other places you can find your car’s VIN.

VIN verification is crucial with used cars as you want certainty that the vehicle’s up to working speed. There’s a decent number of drivers that haven’t addressed their vehicle’s recall status. Failing to follow up on these notices automatically puts your driving safety and others within your driving environment at risk.

Does your car have a recall that hasn’t been fixed? Knowing where to get your INFINITI’s recall addressed is equally as important as knowing whether or not your vehicle is under an issue.

Authorized INFINITI Service Center in Miami, FL

South Motors INFINITI is happy to solve any of your model’s recall needs. Feel free to schedule an INFINITI service appointment with our dealership’s service center, and we’ll take a look at your vehicle before implementing effective solutions.

It’s essential to remember that these issues don’t define your INFINITI. Many recalls within the INFINITI brand only require a quick service visit that doesn’t alter your car’s appearance or driving feel.

Make Your Next South Motors INFINITI Service Appointment the Easy Way

Remain first in line for quality vehicle service with South Motors INFINITI’s convenient online scheduling tool that allows you to make your next appointment anywhere and anytime.

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