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The Right Motor Oil For Your Engine

At South Motors INFINITI, our customers receive nothing short of exceptional auto repair and oil change service every time they step foot into our service center. We’ve been the go-to shop in Miami, FL for years, and we can attribute that success to our quality parts, and attention to detail for every customer who drives in!

With any oil change service, our shop guarantees the right type of oil will be utilized in protecting your engine. We carry a wide assortment of motor engine oil, as every car has unique requirements that should be met. Whether your car needs conventional oil, a synthetic blend, full synthetic oil or even a high-mileage blend, South Motors INFINITI has all the tools to get the job done right!

Everythings Included In Your Oil Change Service

One of the important things in ensuring quality oil change service for your vehicle is actually understanding what the process entails. Every one of our customers who stops in for oil change service receives the same great level of attention, mixed with a detailed service that simply can’t be beat.

Every oil change service comes with up to 5 quarts of premium motor oil in accordance to your model’s specific engine. A new oil filter is then installed, replacing your previous one. This process comparatively speaking is quick, simple, and it can only be met with this level of care at South Motors INFINITI!

Extend Your Engine’s Performance

If you aren’t quite convinced yet on how crucial oil change service is to the longevity of your vehicle, it might be wise to consider what your engine actually does on a day-to-day basis. Motor oil helps to maintain engine lubrication, as your engine bay features many moving parts, gears and pistons that create high-heat that wears parts down. Motor oil actually helps cool engine components down as well, which aids in the prevention of wear and tear, too!

Think of it like this, if you were to neglect replacing your motor oil, it would accumulate dirt and debris, which in effect, makes your engine’s internal components work much harder to function properly. Compound this neglect over months or years of your car’s life cycle, and that is when the bigger, more costly repairs start to happen. Take a proactive approach rather than reactive! Bring your car in to South Motors INFINITI today.

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The Importance Of Regular Service Intervals

Now that we understand what our oil changes entail, it is worth discussing the importance of doing this process regularly. With the innovation of engine processes over the last decade, the exact mileage requirements for oil change service have shifted. When in doubt, most drivers opt for their oil change service every 3,000 miles, as it simply can not hurt to service your vehicle that often! That said, when it comes to playing it safe, always turn to your vehicle manufacturer’s owner manual for service intervals they suggest. Most modern cars can go 5,000 miles between oil changes. Some engines with higher-tier motor oil can even go as far as 10,000 miles; it really depends on your car’s specifications! When you visit South Motors INFINITI, our technicians will let you know the right service interval for your engine, and the proper motor oil to use moving forward.

South Motors INFINITI Is Your Trusted Service Center

When it comes to offering drivers the most enhanced oil change service and overall shopping experience, South Motors INFINITI is the premier dealership in Miami, FL. Our team of skilled and certified technicians walk you through any questions you might have, and they’ll make sure you are satisfied with any oil change service you have with us.

Our team has built a reputation as being the go-to source for oil change service for years, and it has been a direct result of our skilled technicians exceptional promise to our customers. When you mix our team with talent and passion, then compound that with a desire to help people, you get the everyday experience of South Motors INFINITI. Stop in today to see for yourself how easy oil change services should truly be!

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