New INFINITI QX55 Overview Miami FL

January 5th, 2021 by
2021 INFINITI QX55 front driver side view parked at night in Miami, FL.

2021 INFINITI QX55 – A Special Crossover In Search of a Special Buyer

When You Want to Set the Trend

Inspired by the Legendary INFINITI FX series, INFINITI launches an exciting, all new crossover in the 2021 QX55. Featuring stunning good looks, sophisticated lines and a trend setting interior, The INFINITI 021 QX55’s unique fastback design will appeal to the driver who demands a sexy sporty look but also values the utility crossover designs offer. Does that describe you?

Packed with INFINITI’s world-class technology, swathed in sophisticated luxury and powered by an award-winning Variable Compression Turbo four-cylinder engine, INFINITI has reentered a class it helped create. As a leading Miami INFINITI dealership, all of us at South Motors INFINITI are excited about inviting you to see the 2021 INFINITI QX55 for yourself. They will be arriving in early Spring 2021. Call us, send a message or just drop by and we will be sure to include you on an arrival notification list. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Sleek & Stylish Desgin

This INFINITI is an eye-grabber. Other drivers will give it long looks at stoplights. Pedestrians will be fascinated by the digital piano key tail lights that feature 29 separate LED lights. Strangers are going to ask you about this 2021 INFINITI QX55.

Riding on custom designed 20 inch wheels and displaying a sleek yet muscular silhouette, the QX55 invites attention. The front end boasts a large, origami inspired mesh inlay, accented fog lamp pockets, a lower bumper, and narrow LED headlights. The sweeping roofline is designed to mimic a fastback without losing the cargo space that is the hallmark of a crossover. The rear with its distinctive digital piano key taillamps and contrasting bumper provide an appropriate end to the 2021 INFINITI QX55 exterior features.

Inside the Cabin, BOLD is the Operative Word

Contrasting black and red colors provide an exciting, trendsetting design for luxury interiors. As the driver slides into the leather upholstered zero-gravity seat, he or she is greeted with a futuristic dash, instrument loaded leather steering wheel and ergonomically placed console controls.

Double stacked touchscreens access all the information, navigation, and entertainment features you need including Android™ Auto, and Apple CarPlay®. Optionally, you can turn on the 16-speaker Bose premium sound system or simply luxuriate in absolute silence provided by an active noise cancellation system. The sliding rear bench seat ties into the color scheme of the cockpit providing a final touch to a provocative interior.

Comprehensive INFINITI Driver Assist Systems

The 2021 INFINITI QX55 comes standard with ProPILOT Assist, a suite of radar and camera sensors that can provide some semi-autonomous control. Lane-keeping, emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and many more features make up the QX55 safety package. Toss in a complete suite of airbags and the innate body design with strategic crumple zones, and you have a vehicle you can trust and have confidence in.

The 2021 INFINITI QX55 will have three trim levels. When they arrive you will be the first to be notified. Call us now at South Motors INFINITI and get on our list. Become one of the first to test-drive this incredible premium crossover.

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