Leasing Vs Financing

Finance or Lease Your Favorite INFINITI the Easy Way

Leasing Vs Financing

Highlighting the Key Differences Between Leasing and Financing

To buy or to lease is one of the most significant questions prospective car owners face. It’s natural to experience some stress when deciding between leasing and vehicle financing. South Motors INFINITI understands that you’re looking for financing or leasing terms that help you drive your ideal vehicle at an affordable rate. Understanding the key differences between leasing and financing can help you drive on your terms.

Leasing involves a driver making monthly payments on a new vehicle for a specific period of time. The monthly payments that the lessee is responsible for cover the amount of depreciation their new car experiences during the lease term.

South Motors INFINITI outlines any extra lessee costs within a lease agreement. A lease’s conclusion will prompt the car’s driver to return the vehicle to its dealership. Options at the end of a lease include paying off the rest of your car’s value or signing on to lease a new car. Terminating a lease agreement early or going over the car’s stipulated annual mileage will result in penalty fees.

Vehicle financing similarly involves a driver making monthly payments toward their vehicle of choice. The primary difference between traditional vehicle financing and leasing is that the driver is making monthly payments to acquire total ownership of the car. Most people take out auto loans when financing, so they don’t have to pay for the entire vehicle’s value at once. The average down payment through traditional vehicle financing is 15-20% of the car’s total value.

Driver’s that opt for vehicle financing can trade in their current vehicle’s value toward a new car or sell the vehicle privately. A vehicle financing contract won’t stipulate annual mileage limits like a lease.

Let’s skip the unfamiliar terminology and take a look at the finer details associated with leasing vs. financing.

The Ins-and-Outs of Leasing an INFINITI

The most exciting part of leasing is driving a new INFINITI at a lower monthly rate than you would through financing. Cutting-edge driver-assist features and high-caliber performance aren’t the only perks you’ll receive when leasing a new INFINITI. Driving a recent model INFINITI lowers your likelihood of being bogged down by maintenance issues. New INFINITI models are still under their manufacturer warranty, so you can receive the performance and service that you deserve.

You might be curious if you’ll have to make a down payment on a lease. There are types of leases that don’t require you to put down any money upfront. Most car leases will request money due at signing that’s far less than what you’d put forth for a down payment.

Any taxes you pay during a lease will be less than you’d spend during traditional vehicle financing. The amount of money you save during a lease’s signing gets you behind the wheel of a new INFINITI faster.

Convenience defines how a driver handles the end of their lease. Handing your car keys back at the end of a lease is far less stressful than trying to sell the vehicle. A driver trading in a car they finance might have to deal with abrupt depreciation.

One downside to leasing is paying off the rest of a car’s value at the end of a lease. The amount of money you’ll spend paying off a car’s value through leasing is more than you would pay when financing. Drivers looking for a new vehicle every 2-3 years can get precisely what they’re looking for through vehicle leasing.

Mileage limits are a significant factor to consider when deciding whether to buy or lease a car. It’s essential to know that you can purchase extra annual mileage during a lease negotiation. A dealership leasing a car will communicate the condition in which they expect their car to return. Incurring excessive wear-and-tear on a car during a lease term will result in extra charges.

So, how does vehicle financing stack up against leasing?

Handovering car key to the buyer

What You Need to Know About Vehicle Financing

Higher monthly payments through financing translate to a different set of perks. Drivers financing a vehicle can take pride in knowing they’ll eventually own their vehicle. Complete car ownership gives you the freedom to modify your vehicle since you’re not on a borrowing term.

No mileage limits are a significant perk of INFINITI financing. Having the power to drive whenever and wherever allows you to go the extra mile with your car.

Traditional auto financing gives you the ability to sell or trade-in your car without facing termination fees. Monitoring your vehicle’s depreciation will help you make the most of this selling flexibility.

Leasing a car presents more advantages in the maintenance department. Drivers financing a car will be responsible for the vehicle’s maintenance costs after the end of its manufacturer warranty.

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