Highlights of the INFINITI Sedans Tech Features

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Highlights of the INFINITI Sedans Tech Features

INFINITI Q50, INFINITI Q60 Boast More, Better Technology Than Ever

While many South Florida drivers opt for one of INFINITI’s popular SUVs, the INFINITI Q50 sedan and INFINITI Q60 coupe have quietly drawn quite a legion of loyalists. If carloads of occupants warranting an SUV isn’t your norm, the sedans within the INFINITI lineup could be ideal for you.

Not only are INFINITI sedans stunning by design, but innovative technology makes them among the most connected, convenient and safe sedans on the road. To learn more about the INFINITI Q50 and Q60’s tech features, please continue reading. For a test drive to find the best INFINITI sedan model for you, please visit the preferred South Florida INFINITI dealership, South Motors INFINITI.

Convenience of INFINITI Sedans Tech Features Keeps Drivers Connected

A large part of what makes the INFINITI so alluring to Miami drivers is the convenience of staying connected at all times. After all, if you can get online 10,000 feet above ground in an airplane, you should have the same option when on the ground.

INFINITI In-Touch with Wi-Fi Hotspot, a strong hotspot is on the go when you are. Your occupants can work online, browse and even stream their own favorite show. Of course, easy and uninterrupted connection to Bluetooth®, Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto is always but a tap of the finger away.

A helpful, connected navigation system will become something you can always rely on to get quickly and easily from location to location.

While your passengers watch Breaking Bad on their smartphones, technology allows you to keep elegance in the essentials and everyone safer with a number of driver-assist safety features. For more on that, please check out the next section.

INFINITI Driver-Assist Technology Results in Safer, More Confident Driving

When it comes to the ideal driving experience, confidence is key. Nothing heightens one’s confidence like the feeling of being safe. The INFINITI Q50 sedan and Q60 coupe make great strides at keeping more drivers safer.

Not everyone is comfortable – or even good at – driving across different surfaces and terrains. Make every road yours with INFINITI Drive Mode Selector. With the simple switch of a button, your INFINITI will step in going uphill, downhill or even over ice. You can even customize the setting for any other conditions that lay ahead


In addition to strategically-placed sensors around your INFINITI to act as a second set of eyes, take comfort in Lane Departure Warning and Intelligent Blind Spot Intervention. These features can literally be lifesaving as they detect other vehicles too close for comfort in a lane you are intentionally or unintentionally switching into.

Additional standard driver-assist features courtesy of technology include Intelligent Cruise Control, which uses sensors to help keep you a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of you, and Forward Brake Assist. This feature again utilizes sensors to automatically hit the brakes when a vehicle in front of you comes quickly into too-close range.

South Motors INFINITI Service Parallels the Quality of its Vehicles

Be it the Q50, Q60 or any of our INFINITI vehicles, South Motors INFINITI remains the choice for more Miami drivers. In addition to new sedans and SUVs, a lot of drivers have found the perfect ride from our extensive lineup of certified pre-owned INFINITI’s and other used vehicles.

At South Motors INFINITI, not only do we value and respect each customer, but we understand that customer service is very much a part of the car-buying experience. It couldn’t hurt to also mention that we always have deals and specials that work quite well with budgets.

When buying that new or pre-owned INFINITI, we proudly offer a finance center comprised of professionals always ready to help. When it’s time for that routine maintenance or service, South Motors INFINITI is also home to an outstanding full service center.

For all your INFINITI needs, stop by South Motors INFINITI today.

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