What is the INFINITI Personal Assistant?

Assistance at Your Fingertips

What is the INFINITI Personal Assistant?

The Power of the INFINITI Personal Assistant App

Driving an INFINITI vehicle has always been powerful and luxurious, but it just got more convenient with the addition of the INFINITI Personal Assistant App. This new technology feature gives you 24-hour access to a team of professional live personal assistants at just the push of a button so you can focus on driving while enjoying instant access to those who are ready to offer you the live personal assistance you need.

Learn more about this innovative team of INFINITI personal assistants when stopping in at South Motors INFINITI, the most prestigious INFINITI car dealership in Miami, FL. We can’t wait to outline the features of this technology available for INFINITI owners and showcase our new lineup of INFINITI models.

Services Available With the INFINITI Personal Assistant

Anytime, anywhere, you can get the assistance you want and need while on the road with the INFINITI Personal Assistant. Simply push the specialized INFINITI InTouch button in your vehicle when you need weather forecasts, traffic conditions, directory assistance or driving directions.

You can also customize INFINITI personal assistant services to receive appointment reminders, updates on sports scores and stats and recreational and cultural event reminders in your geography area. Just one phone call gives you the power to talk with a live professional to make dinner reservations, plan events and schedule flight and transportation arrangements.

Whether you need tee time arrangements, movie times or reviews or gift recommendations, the INFINITI personal assistant team is here to help. Not only do they provide personal services, such as wake up calls, but you can also count on the INFINITI personal assistant to contact INFINITI retailers and our INFINITI car dealership in Miami, FL, when you need service at our state-of-the-art service center.

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What is the INFINITI Personal Assistant App?

If you prefer to have information at your fingertips versus a live personal assistant, simply download the INFINITI app to customize the information you receive from the INFINITI personal assistance team. Available for BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android and Apple smartphone devices this mobile app gives you easy access to the information you want and need.

Simply push a one-touch button within the INFINITI Personal Assistant App to submit a request and the team of live professionals will provide you with instant details regarding your request. It doesn’t matter if you want to know about traffic along your route, need movie times at local theaters or want to stay on top of sports stats, the INFINITI Personal Assistant App will complete your request and give you the information you need anytime, anywhere.

Assistance Based On Your Location

What makes the INFINITI Personal Assistant team and the INFINITI Personal Assistant App so innovative is that you can submit your geolocation and get customized information. The INFINITI personal assistant team can customize your information based on your location, your vehicle’s VIN # and your dealership, including our INFINITI car dealership in Miami, FL. It’s all about catering to our loyal customers and offering tips for preventative maintenance, customized event planning and even details about how features within your INFINITI vehicle operate.

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The team at South Motors INFINITI is eager to not only showcase the benefits of the INFINITI Personal Assistant and INFINITI Personal Assistant App, but we are also ready to showcase the unique features of our vehicles in stock. We are pleased to stock a variety of new, used and certified pre-owned vehicles that feature the latest technology, safety and performance features.

You can also find INFINITI vehicles with modern upgrades to the interior, comfort-driven seating options and bold exterior style. Whether you opt for a luxury SUV, sedan or coupe, know that you not only have the support of the INFINITI Personal Assistant, but also the team at our INFINITI car dealership in Miami, FL, on your side.

Contact us today to learn more about our full-service dealership that is equipped with a professional sales and finance team and certified technicians in our INFINITI service center who go above and beyond to help maintain your vehicle.

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