INFINITI Owner Benefits

Enjoy the Perks of Buying or Leasing an INFINITI

INFINITI Owner Benefits

The Total Ownership Experience

There’s no denying that buying or leasing an INFINITI model gives you the opportunity to drive a high-end SUV or sedan and enjoy prime performance, luxury and the latest technology. However, there are many more INFINITI Owner Benefits that benefit you long term.

The team at South Motors INFINITI is here to help you discover how to take advantage of the perks of buying or leasing an INFINITI that comes with an Owner Loyalty Program, an INFINITI InTouch personal assistant and easy end of lease terms. Contact the team at our INFINITI dealership in Miami, FL, today to learn more about our new INFINITI lineup and the INFINITI owner benefits.

What is the Total Ownership Experience?

When you buy or lease an INFINITI vehicle from our INFINITI dealership in Miami, FL, you gain more than just a luxury sedan or SUV. The Total Ownership Experience provides you with perks for the lifetime of your vehicle. These INFINITI owner benefits include roadside assistance 24 hours a day/365 days a year so you have a helping hand when you need it the most. In addition, the Total Ownership Experience includes a complimentary INFINITI Courtesy Vehicle whenever your vehicle is in need of warranty repair.

INFINITI owner benefits also include trip interruption benefits. For instance, if you break down more than 100 miles from your place of residence, our INFINITI representatives will cover costs such as lodging, transportation and meals. Additionally, the Total Ownership Experience helps to meet your personal needs with creative purchase and car leasing options with payment plans.

As a repeat customer, you also gain INFINITI financing benefits when you buy or lease a new INFINITI model. For example, INFINITI owner benefits include a waiver of up to $500 of wear and tear mileage liability when you turn in your lease vehicle and we’ll even waive the security deposit when you return the vehicle and opt for a new lease contract.

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What is INFINITI InTouch?

This innovative INFINITI owner benefit works to integrate entertainment, navigation and security into your driving experience. Depending upon the model you buy or lease from our INFINITI dealership in Miami, FL, you’ll find bold entertainment and technology options that include smartphone syncing via Apple CarPlay® and Android™ Auto, SiriusXM radio and more.

With INFINITI InTouch, you gain remote access to your vehicle via a smartphone app. This allows you to remotely lock or unlock your vehicle, access remote engine start options and check on your vehicle’s service needs, performance metrics and more.

What is the INFINITI Personal Assistant?

Gain the VIP treatment you deserve when buying or leasing your next INFINITI model at South Motors INFINITI. Find easy access to a live personal assistant while driving using the headset icon on the INFINITI InTouch display screen or by using voice commands. Once you’re connected to an agent, the possibilities are endless.

These INFINITI owner benefits connect you to a live representative who can help you make hotel reservations, find nearby restaurants, schedule wake-up calls and more. The INFINITI personal assistant can provide you with weather forecasts, driving directions, movie listings and reviews, product reviews and price comparisons and travel and transportation arrangements.

In addition, you can also inquire about INFINITI financing programs and learn more about end of lease options. You gain the information you need about your current lease agreement, a lease buyout price, find out what remains on the lease and options to sell the car you are driving if you plan to upgrade. End of lease options include the option to purchase the leased vehicle, extend your lease or learn more about specials and incentives with our leasing company.

The INFINITI owner benefits you gain and the INFINITI InTouch services available showcase just how convenient and beneficial it is to buy or lease a new INFINITI model at our INFINITI dealership in Miami, FL.

Discover the INFINITI Owner Benefits

If you’re ready to learn more about the joys of buying a new INFINITI model, we invite you to contact the team at our INFINITI dealership in MIami, FL. Not only do we offer a luxurious lineup of INFINITI models, but we also help you maintain your vehicle long-term at our state-of-the-art service center. Browse our website to schedule service or learn more about our leasing and financing incentives that save you more at signing. South Motors INFINITI is here to serve all of your automotive needs.

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