Drive Inspired with INFINITI Electric Vehicles

March 28th, 2022 by

Gray electric vehicle driver side view on display floor

Drive Inspired with INFINITI Electric Vehicles

See the Future at South Motors INFINITI

Stop into South Motors INFINITI in Miami, FL to learn more about INFINITI future cars and concept vehicles. Our customer service representatives are as excited as you are about the future of electric vehicles. They’ll be glad to answer your questions about the available QX Inspiration, INFINITI’s first fully-electric car that defines a new era of design, performance, and range possibilities.

While you’re here, enjoy our excellent customer service, and look over our expansive lineup of new INFINITI vehicles including the award-winning 2021 INFINITI QX50, which has earned Consumer Guide’s Automotive Best Buy Award three years running. We’re open Monday through Saturday with convenient hours to fit any schedule.

Go Green in an Electric Vehicle

The future is looking more electric than ever with a host of motor companies now offering electric vehicles (EV) in their lineup. What’s the reason for this new trend? People doing their part to go green and help clean up the environment is first and foremost.

EVs, when operated in full electric mode, produce zero tailpipe emissions. This helps to reduce smog and greenhouse gas emissions even with their electricity generation. Cleaner-driving cars means cleaner air and better health. That benefits everybody.

Electric Vehicles Save You Money

There are three ways driving an EV saves its owners money. First, you never need to buy gas. With gas costs rising to unprecedented levels, going electric is an easy way to bypass the inflation on gas prices. Electric car charging can cost less than half the price of driving a gas-powered vehicle.

Secondly, EV owners save big on vehicle maintenance costs. Since electric motors have far fewer moving parts and pieces, service needs are fewer and farther between. EV owners never have to come in for oil changes, new spark plugs, fuel filters, and more.

Third, federal, state, and local incentives help bring the cost of your newly purchased or leased EV down for a better sticker price. Federal tax credits range from $2,500-$7,500, depending on battery capacities and other factors. State and local rebates and incentives also help lower your purchase cost.

The INFINITI Electric Vehicle Lineup

Up and coming INFINITI electric vehicles embody all that drivers want when it comes to power, performance, and luxury. The QX Inspiration marks the beginning of this new generation and launches a full lineup of EVs that go above and beyond the ordinary.

Look for intelligent and elegant design, batteries that take you further and faster, and technology that doesn’t seem possible. Another future INFINITI EVs, the INFINITI QX Range, is equipped to tackle the toughest terrain and long-distance travel for uninterrupted journeying in luxurious comfort.

Stop by South Motors INFINITI in Miami today to learn more about the future of INFINITI electric vehicles, and to see our wide selection of new and Certified Pre-Owned Infinitis on sale now.

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