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Although INFINITI SUVs and sedans are high-performing machines with exceptional style, comfort and safety, from time to time, it’s necessary to schedule routine maintenance. At South Motors INFINITI, we take a personal approach and really listen to your concerns when you stop in for INFINITI service. Our team of certified technicians have decades of combined experience and work hard to perform thorough auto repairs and maintenance services, such as oil change service, tire rotations and coolant flush service.

Coolant flush service is often overlooked; however, it’s an essential service your vehicle needs, regardless of the make or model. Whether you’ve noticed signs that your coolant system is malfunctioning or it’s time for routine maintenance, don’t put off necessary auto repairs. Instead, contact the team at our INFINITI service center to learn more about the importance of coolant flush service.

Our primary goal is customer satisfaction. That’s why we host a state-of-the-art INFINITI service center with highly-trained technicians who perform thorough inspections of your vehicle each and every time you schedule an appointment. Save more on coolant flush service and routine maintenance with our monthly service specials and coupons. Contact our team today or schedule service conveniently online on our website.

Why is Coolant Flush Service Important?

The coolant system is one of the main components that keeps your engine running smoothly. Coolant is what also keeps your engine at the right temperature. Also referred to as antifreeze, coolant needs to be flushed periodically to prevent a breakdown with your engine and the engine components.

While you may not see or check your fluid levels often, over time, debris, dust, dirt and rust components can contaminate the system. In addition, scale deposits, buildup and contaminants can negatively impact the cooling system and the engine. Coolant flush service is essential to also prevent corrosion that occurs with chemical buildup. Old coolant or antifreeze runs the risk of becoming acidic. As a result, this acid breaks down the working parts of your engine. The acid can also eat away at the water pump, the rubber hoses and aluminum components of your engine.

This buildup, corrosion and rust ultimately causes the temperature gauge to rise, begging the need to flush the system. Our INFINITI service center technicians regularly check the coolant level when you stop in for routine maintenance, but it’s also important for vehicle owners to also inspect the engine coolant for leaks and buildup on a regular basis to prevent hazardous driving conditions.

When is the Right Time For Coolant Flush Service?

Our INFINITI service center knows that your time is valuable. That’s why when you schedule routine maintenance, we keep you updated on additional maintenance needed in the future, such as coolant flush service. On average, depending upon the make and model, we recommend coolant flush service every 30,000 miles. This may vary, though, based on the condition of your coolant system.

There are many factors that can cause your coolant system to malfunction, begging the need for coolant flush service sooner than the typical recommendation. In most cases, a worn-out radiator hose can cause leaks within the coolant system. Radiator cracks and leaks can also cause debris, rust or dirt to infect the coolant system. In rare cases, it could also be a temperature gauge that has gone bad that can cause a break down with the coolant system.

Even though our highly-skilled technicians perform thorough inspections, we also inquire with our customers about signs or symptoms they may notice when it’s time for coolant flush service. One of the most obvious signs is an illuminated check engine light or warning signal on your dashboard. Other signs may include a rising temperature with your dashboard’s gauge. If you notice the temperature getting hotter than normal, it’s likely that you need coolant flush service.

Some drivers may also notice a grinding noise under the hood or a puddle of green or orange liquid beneath the vehicle when a coolant leak has occurred. While inspecting under the hood, you may also notice bits of rust near the coolant, as well as odor or steam stemming from the engine. All of these occurrences are signs that you should consult with our certified technicians and schedule coolant flush service at our INFINITI service center.

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Our INFINITI service center is committed to making coolant flush service and routine maintenance convenient and affordable. Simply access our website to utilize the online service scheduling platform or contact our certified technicians to inquire about monthly service specials and coupons that help you save on auto repairs.

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