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What Should You Do When Your Engine Light Is On?

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Fixing the Issues at South Motors INFINITI

Notice your check engine light pop on? Then you won’t want to delay service, as the cause could be anything from a quick gas cap issue to a critical alternator problem that could destroy your motor if left unattended. Thankfully, at South Motors INFINITI, we hire certified technicians who not only have seen most check engine light issues, but they know how to fix them—and will help your INFINITI resume it’s action-packed and smooth rides seamlessly. Put out your check engine light today by scheduling service at South Motors INFINITI in Miami.

Covering the Basics: What is a Check Engine Light?

Usually, your check engine light is a literal light or notification that lets you know there’s something wrong with your car. As far as the actual issue, the problem can be anything as basic as an issue with your battery to something urgent, like your engine misfiring. Either way, you don’t want to delay service when this alert pops up since some of these issues can make your INFINITI undrivable—so, let our technicians at South Motors INFINITI near Homestead know what’s going on and they’ll get to work diagnosing the problem.

What Are the Common Causes of a Check Engine Light?

There are thousands of reasons why your check engine light could have turned on—and as we discussed, some issues are far more serious than others. However, some of the most common culprits for this alert include:

  • Failed catalytic converter
  • Faulty alternator
  • Mass airflow and oxygen sensor problems
  • Alternator damage
  • Ignition Coil problems
  • Improperly installed parts
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve errors
  • Vacuum leaks
  • Battery faults
  • Damaged plug wires
  • Loose gas cap
  • Loose wiring
  • Spark plug problems

That’s still not even scratching the surface of all the possible reasons your check engine light can be on. Thankfully, our technicians know how to use an OBD scanner, which reveals universal codes for your check engine light. Even if the scanner doesn’t unveil information, our certified mechanics know how and where to check for common check engine light issues—and most importantly, they can help fix them so that you can resume your exhilarating drives. So, schedule your service today, and we’ll do what we can to assist in shutting off your check engine light while also resolving the problems.

How Often Should You Check Your Check Engine Light?

Unless your check engine light powers on, you won’t need to schedule any services—however, staying on top of your routine maintenance like oil changes and battery replacements can help prevent your indicator light from turning on (which is a good thing). However, the instant your light turns on, you’ll want to schedule service immediately before your problems get worse. After your repair, keep in mind you might need to drive 20-40 miles before your light shuts off. If you notice your check engine light remains on, bring your ride back in to ensure it’s not multiple issues.

You’ve Got Places to Go…Can You Drive with the Light On?

This answer all depends on the severity of the issue causing your check engine light to turn on—for basic issues like a loose gas cap, you can keep driving, but, for problems like a damaged thermostat, you’ll want to schedule service ASAP before your motor overheats and leaves you stranded on your commute to places like Pinecrest. Even worse, issues like a misfiring engine can destroy your workings under your hood—if not ruin your car. Either way, your safest bet is scheduling service and not ignoring your check engine light to ensure your INFINITI remains running smooth and swift without risking a slippery slope of repairs and damage.

Don’t Ignore the Light: Head to South Motors INFINITI

Your notification icons are trying to send you a critical message—get it fixed by scheduling INFINITI check engine light service online at South Motors INFINITI near Cutler Bay today, and letting one of our certified technicians see what’s wrong. While you’re here, your needs are our top priority—let us know how we can help you (whether it’s answering questions or helping you find the right service for your car) and we’ll do what we can to assist.

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