Where Can I Get the Best Brake Service near Me?

June 1st, 2022 by

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Where Can I Get the Best Brake Service near Me?

Why Choose South Motors INFINITI?

We are your preferred INFINITI dealer in Miami, Florida, serving motorists within the environ with luxury new and certified pre-owned INFINITI vehicles that make a bold statement on the road. But, that’s only a fraction of what you enjoy with us.

We take pride in ensuring that you not only get your hands on a new vehicle for exciting trips but also keep driving it for several years until you decide to trade it in. With regards to that, we offer a full menu of INFINITI services and repairs at friendly rates, to help ensure your car keeps running in top shape mile after mile.

When you stop in our reputable service center, our seasoned auto tech experts will first determine the condition of your brakes and then put the extra effort into handling detected brake problems with only specialized tools, so you can resume your commutes with peace of mind. Want to know more about our brake service and why you need it? Keep reading this guide and contact our team should you have questions to ask.

Benefits of a Regular Brake Service

Have you ever imagined what it feels like to hit your brakes during an emergency and not get a response? Sends cold chills down your spine, right? Well, that’s the more reason you should pay more attention to your vehicle brake system.

Like every other mechanical component, the brake pedal begins to lose its efficiency when subjected to heat and friction, and as a result, your brake pads, brake fluid, and rotors should be replaced as when due. Your brake line, as important as it is, is responsible for the circulation of the hydraulic fluid within the brake system and might experience a crack.

If it is not replaced too, it would fail to do its job and that means, you won’t get the stopping power you need when you depress the brake pedal.

Generally, your INFINITI brake system is one of the most vital performance features because it offers the brake force you crave to grip pavements in style and keeps you and your crew safe from commute troubles. Therefore, it calls for the need to get it inspected by a professional at intervals.
At South Motors INFINITI in Miami, FL, you are assured of quality brake inspection and replacement services. Your safety is a top priority, and we understand this fact. That’s why we always go the extra mile to ensure you return to the road with healthy brakes that will instantly respond to your pressure when needed.

How to Know When Your INFINITI Needs a Brake Service

Besides the flickering warning light that comes on when a brake issue is detected, there are other tell-signs you should look out for when your brakes get faulty. For instance, when you realize your car pulls to a side of the road or hear some squeaky noises when you hit the brake pedal, it could spell a problem.

If, on the other hand, you discover your brake pad is thinner than a quarter of an inch, you should head to our reputable auto repair shop for a brake replacement service.

Our factory-trained technicians will examine your vehicle thoroughly using industry-leading techniques to know whether you need a brake service or a tire rotation. If we discover your brake components need to be replaced, we will order genuine OEM brake parts at a good price and help you to install them carefully. We also recommend having a brake fluid flush every 30,000-mile/ 2-year interval and replacing your rotors after covering at least 70,000 miles.

Visit Us for an Exceptional Customer Service

Are you in need of the best brake service near me? Visit South Motors INFINITI service, Miami FL, right away for premium brake repairs and services.

We are staffed with customer-oriented technicians who will take a personal approach to meeting your demands and will fix your brake issues for improved braking performance and elevated rides. What’s more, we offer complimentary services and also offer a bundle of limited-service specials to help you save money while leveraging our quality servicing.

If you’re ready to get started with a new or used INFINITI vehicle in Miami, FL, you can start with our online financing application today and contact our friendly sales specialists to learn more about our customer-oriented lease offers and financing incentives for additional savings.