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Your INFINITI is a high performance machine that not only gets your adrenaline pumping, but escorts you in luxury. Though power and performance is thrilling, ensuring that your brakes are capable of bringing you to a stop is vital. Using discount or generic brakes may get the job done, but their reduced performance could mean the difference between a collision and a near miss. At South Motors INFINITI we strive to not only bring you quality parts and service that you can count on, but incredible customer service to make each visit enjoyable. Come with us as we explore why brake service at South Motors INFINITI is so important.

A Closer Look At The Brake System

Your typical brake system consists of various components that all work together so when you step on your brake pedal, your vehicle comes to a stop. The major components of your typical brake system includes parts like your brake pads, your rotors, a master cylinder, and brake lines. While these are just a few of the many components involved in giving you your stopping power when you press your foot on the brake, and more importantly, ensuring you give your system the proper brake service ensures that you have the stopping power you need to keep you safe in emergency situations.

Your brake pads are some of the most common components that you’ll hear about when you discuss brake service, or the brake system in general. Disc brakes use brake pads that are composed of steel, ceramic, or other types of material that come into contact with the brake rotor surface to bring your vehicle to a stop. There are different types of brake pads, some of which are designed for long life, while others are designed for performance and stopping power. No matter which type of brake pads your vehicle uses, these components are the most used component of the brake system and will require replacement the most.

Another important part of the brake system is the rotor. Disc brake setups use one rotor per wheel, and is the metal surface that the brake pad makes contact with. In many cars, this is a solid circular surface, but many high performance vehicles feature rotors with cross drilled holes for proper heat dissipation. As you use your brakes, the contact of the pad to the rotor creates friction and they begin to head up. With excessive heat comes brake fade, or the decreased effectiveness of your brakes. These holes help ensure that you enjoy optimum stopping power, even during intense use.

Though your pads and rotors are the most vital parts of your brake system, these parts could not operate without components like the master cylinder, which is responsible for pushing hydraulic fluid through your brake lines, and the brake fluid, which delivers hydraulic pressure to the brakes to give them the power to bring you to a stop.

While the brake system may be a complex setup that can be difficult to understand, our expert technicians here at South Motors INFINITI know how to service, repair, and replace every component of your brake system. Continue with us as we explore some tell tale signs of when to bring your vehicle in for brake service.

When it Matters

While your brake system is vital to your vehicle’s performance, it is not always obvious when it’s time for service. Brake pads generally last about 50,000 miles, but this figure will depend heavily on the quality of your brake pads, along with your personal driving habits. Rotors generally last a little longer, generally spanning 70,000 miles, but will also depend on your own driving habits. Rotors are often changed out with the brake pads, generally replacing at least two rotors when needed.

Though a service light may not illuminate when something is amiss in your brake system, there are general tell tale signs that it’s time for brake service. If you press the brake pedal and you feel your vehicle shake, or change trajectory, it’s time to bring your INFINITI in for brake service. Loud squeaking or harsh grinding is also a sign that your brake system needs service.

Whether your INFINITI is in need of brake service, or you can’t tell the difference between brake calipers and a brake pedal, bring your vehicle to our service center here at South Motors INFINITI. Not only do we drive to bring you incredible auto repair and service in the Miami, FL area, we pair it with incredible customer service to make every experience memorable.

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