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How Do You Know When You Need a New Battery?

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Servicing Your Battery in Miami

No one likes heading out to the office in the morning, getting in your car, tapping the push-button start, and your motor refusing to crank—after all, a drained battery isn’t the best excuse for missing a workday. However, when you visit us at South Motors INFINITI, we hire factory-trained mechanics to perform INFINITI battery replacement service and let you know if we spot any other issues in the process. Plus, you’re our VIP when you stop by—let us know how else we can help, and we’ll assist however possible. Until then, reduce those instances of your car refusing to start by replacing your battery at South Motors INFINITI in Miami today.

Is Your Car Battery That Important?

Without a functioning or charged battery, you can’t get your car started since the power source sends an electric current to crank your engine and spark your ignition. Also, your battery is responsible for powering your infotainment and radio system so that you can jam out to your favorite tunes while you wait in a parking lot in your car—or power your cabin lights so that you can find objects like pens or your phone charger when the sun goes down. Over time, your battery drains, and will eventually need a replacement—otherwise, you lose out on the functionality your INFINITI brings to your drives.

Do You Need a New Battery Now? Check for These Three Signs

The most obvious sign of needing a new battery is when you can’t crank your motor without the help of a jump start—sometimes this issue requires a basic battery recharge—other times you’ll need a full replacement depending on the age and condition of your current battery—either way, the experts at South Motors INFINITI are ready to help.

Next, look for electrical issues, mainly with your lights—if your headlamps aren’t shining as bright as they used to or you notice flickering, a drained battery is likely the problem. However, we recommend scheduling service before making any firm conclusions, as this issue can also result from faulty wiring or even a damaged headlight.

Lastly, pop your hood and inspect your power source for any visible damage like cracks, dents, or gouges—as these will often require a battery replacement soon. Also, leaks and corrosion are signs of a faulty energy source—and can even damage other parts of your motor—so again, we recommend scheduling service at your earliest convenience.

How Often Should You Schedule a Battery Replacement?

This answer all depends on how you drive and how often you cruise since different habits will require more energy from your battery than others. However, for most drivers, replacing your battery every 3-5 years is a good estimate since your power source begins to run low at that point (but usually not quite low enough that you’ll need to worry about getting stranded in a grocery store parking lot somewhere nearby like Homestead or Pinecrest).

Super-Charged Drives Ahead: Tips for Maxing Battery Life

Prolonging your battery life doesn’t require expensive aftermarket parts or time-consuming practices—instead, you can begin right now by taking your car on longer drives more often. When you take short drives stretched out over long periods (think a few times a month), your battery suffers since it uses a massive amount of power to start your motor after not running for a week or two.

Next, turn off your lights and electronics when not needed—there’s nothing wrong with listening to the radio while waiting for your passenger to make a quick shopping stop; however, you’ll want to be careful you don’t accidentally leave your headlamps turned on when you park your car overnight since you’ll drain most of your battery in the process and require a battery replacement soon.

Lastly, keep up to date on your maintenance since services like an oil change requires less work from your motor, which also helps reduce the strain on your battery when starting your car or driving down the interstates. At South Motors INFINITI, our service center is ready for virtually any maintenance you’ll need for your ride—so don’t hesitate to schedule service.

Where to Find a Battery Replacement in Miami

When you notice flickering lights or have trouble starting your car, don’t risk getting stranded in a parking lot; instead, schedule your battery replacement at South Motors INFINITI. When you’re here, our experts understand nearly all issues with INFINITI vehicles, and can even let you know if a battery replacement will fix the problem or if you’ll need a different auto repair.

We’re also dedicated to making auto service an easy and convenient experience for you, which is why you can schedule your service online, ask us any maintenance questions that come to mind, or even inquire about our recommendations on enhancing your current vehicle—our team is always happy to assist.

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