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Where to Get Your AC Serviced or Repaired in Miami, FL?

South INFINITI Service Center

Why Choose Our INFINITI Dealer for AC Repairs?

South Motors INFINITI offers an exceptional collection of new and used luxury vehicles, but we are also pleased to host a state-of-the-art service center with a full menu of services for all makes and models. Our INFINITI service center features highly-skilled certified technicians with decades of experience who go above and beyond to keep your vehicle running in prime condition.

Your comfort is important to us, too, which is why we offer AC service and AC repairs. This service is essential so that you and your passengers can enjoy the smooth ride and the luxury of driving our INFINITI models, especially when the heat of the summer peaks. Contact our team today to learn more about our INFINITI AC service and our monthly service specials and coupons that help you save on essential auto repairs.

The Importance of AC Service

When stopping in for INFINITI service, you’ll find that our team is committed to fully inspecting all of your vehicle’s components to ward off any issues down the road. Opting for AC service is also recommended. Your HVAC system not only controls the cool air that comes out of your vents but also your heat. AC service involves checking all components of the system, such as the thermostat, the blower fan and the heater core. Regular maintenance and AC service also includes inspecting the levels of the antifreeze and the hoses and belts to ensure that all working parts are doing just that – working as they should.

AC service is important because it controls the environment of your vehicle’s cabin. The system keeps you and your passengers comfortable, works to cool your engine and helps defrost your windshield. Routine AC service gives our certified technicians the opportunity to not only inspect the condition of your compressor, but also your cabin air filters that attract pollen, dust and dirt. Keeping these filters clean can significantly enhance your comfort and the overall cabin air quality.

The most common AC repairs involve issues with the compressor. As an essential component of your AC system, the compressor can be expensive to replace. When opting for AC service, our team will check the lubrication levels and refrigerant and check for blockages or leaks that can significantly damage the entire system and the compressor.

Problems with the compressor are among the most common reasons an HVAC system may fail. Allow our team to keep all working parts lubricated when scheduling AC repairs or AC service. Regular AC service is important, too, because when the system is not operating efficiently, not only is your comfort affected, but also your fuel efficiency. Continue to save at the pump in our fuel-efficient INFINITI models when asking about AC service and AC repairs at our INFINITI service center.

Timing AC Service Right

On average, the team at our INFINITI service center recommends AC service at least once a year, especially when heading into the heat of the summer. When you notice signs or symptoms that your AC system may not be operating correctly, we also recommend you schedule AC service for a full evaluation of the compressor and the HVAC system.

There are tell-tale signs that may indicate you need AC repairs or AC service,too. The most common sign is when your system is not producing cool air. You may notice that the air coming out of the vents is warm or not as cool as it should be. This weak air flow not only affects your comfort in the cabin, but also your HVAC system’s ability to cool the engine.

In addition, drivers may notice moisture on the dashboard when it’s time for AC repairs. Any unexpected noises or even an odd odor emitting from the vents can indicate the need for AC service, as well as a system that cools at first and then slowly turns to warm air.

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There are many factors that can affect the performance of your HVAC system. Trust in the team at our INFINITI service center to accurately diagnose the issue and perform AC repairs and AC service. Our certified technicians are committed to your safety and your comfort, which is why we thoroughly inspect all vehicles each time you stop in for AC service, routine maintenance, oil change service or tire rotations.

Learn more about the importance of AC service when scheduling an appointment using our convenient online platform or contacting our team of highly-trained technicians who offer service with a smile.

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