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Auto Financing Made Easy

The process of financing a vehicle can feel overwhelming. It’s easy to envision yourself drowning in paperwork without proper direction on how to move forward. South Motors INFINITI’s finance center is with you every step of the way so you can receive the transparent support that you deserve.

Our finance center page outlines essential vehicle financing components, so you know where to place your focus. We feature an automotive loans info section at the top of our finance center page to support the high number of drivers seeking auto loans. The loan options that we provide our customers are far from one-dimensional. Drivers searching for a quality loan can explore options from our finance division in addition to third-party lenders. Our finance staff takes a custom approach with all of our customers to ensure you’re confident with your final loan decision.

Clicking our inventory button at the top of our finance center page can spark ideas for loans on certified pre-owned and used vehicles. You’ll find that auto loans give you the distinct advantage of being able to take out a loan on used and certified pre-owned vehicles. Leases require you to sign off on one of our new vehicles. Scheduling an appointment through our website is an easy way to ensure that we discuss your needs at a time that’s convenient for you.

We’re just getting started on what our finance page has to offer. Below you’ll find financing info on our dealership’s leases, how to use our site’s monthly payment calculator—and more.

Lease With Confidence

South Motors INFINITI understands the attractive advantages that an INFINITI lease possesses. Drivers can enjoy driving a new INFINITI model at a lower monthly rate with a lease. Repair costs are a challenge that many drivers face with an auto loan. Leasing an INFINITI opens the door to lease deals like free maintenance for a specific amount of time.

Every driver that takes out an auto loan has to prepare to distribute an upfront payment. Any upfront fees that a lease contains are small in comparison to a traditional auto loan upfront payment. Drivers taking out an auto loan usually put down 20% of the vehicle’s value in cash.

One of the biggest perks of a lease is returning the car when the lease expires. You won’t have to experience the stress of selling a used car. Returning a vehicle at the end of a lease is as simple as handing the car back to the dealership. Certain leases will allow you to pay off the rest of the vehicle’s value if you’re interested in becoming its owner.

Are you interested in driving the latest models that INFINITI has to offer? South Motors INFINITI offers specialized lease offers so you can drive the newest Infiniti’s at a lower monthly rate. Feel free to browse our dealership site’s specialized lease offers for more insight on what our inventory has in store.

A new INFINITI driver getting his keys to his new INFINITI

Receive Estimates on Demand

Everyone wants to have an idea of how they’ll have to pay every month to finance a vehicle. Online payment calculators are an invaluable tool that allows drivers to get these monthly finance estimations on demand.

Our site’s payment calculation tool is designed to be as simple as possible. Entering your ideal INFINITI’s price is the first step. Next, you’ll adjust your interest rate and loan term accordingly. Lastly, you’ll type in your down payment before our payment tool can calculate your estimated monthly payment. Receiving the auto financing info that matters most has never been easier.

How to Quickly Value Your Vehicle Trade-In

It’s common nowadays for drivers to trade in their current vehicle and place their previous car’s remaining value toward a new model. Drivers looking to estimate their vehicle’s trade-in value in 30 seconds can utilize our finance page’s ‘value your trade’ page to get the results they’re looking for. Entering basic information on your vehicle, like the car’s model and trim, will yield instant results that aid your financing process.

You might be wondering how our site’s tool can provide trade-in value so quickly.

The ‘value your trade’ tool weighs the info you provide with crucial elements like market demand and similar models’ availability. Your result is accurate estimations you can use when you’re looking to purchase a new vehicle. Our online ‘value your trade’ tool is just one way that South Motors INFINITI works to make trading in a vehicle as easy as possible.

Take the Stress Out of Financing at South Motors INFINITI

The dedication that South Motors INFINITI’s finance center provides begins on our site. We do our best to give you a head start on financing a vehicle so your in-person visit can go as smoothly as possible.

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