Why is My Check Engine Light Flashing?

March 24th, 2022 by

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Why is My Check Engine Light Flashing?

Why is My Check Engine Light On?

There are many things that can trigger the check engine light on your vehicle. While the cause may be minor, such as a loose gas cap or something major that has to do with a malfunction with the transmission or repair, you need a trusted service center to help you determine why the check engine light is flashing.

The certified technicians at South Motors INFINITI, are here to help. We perform diagnostic tests to determine the diagnostic trouble code and perform high-quality auto repairs to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive. If you’re wondering how to reset check engine lights on your vehicle, the best way to proceed is to schedule service at South Motors INFINITI.

Premium INFINITI Check Engine Light Service

Why is my check engine light on? This is one of the most common questions our technicians field at South Motors INFINITI. While it’s less than enjoyable to see that light flashing, the last thing you should do is contact our team and schedule service.

In fact, it could be caused by a variety of factors. In some cases, a flashing check engine light indicates that it’s time for routine maintenance, such as oil changes and tire rotations. However, the cause may be something more serious. If you notice an illuminated light on your dashboard, know that there are hundreds of error codes that pinpoint the problem. Your check engine light may illuminate if there is a problem with the computer output circuit, the catalytic converter, an oxygen sensor, spark plugs or oil pressure.

In other cases, the code reader may determine that there are issues with aftermarket accessories, the mass airflow sensor or even the battery. A simple fix to the problem could be disconnecting the battery and reconnecting the battery to reset the light, but it’s best to let the highly-trained technicians at our repair shop uncover the problem.

How to Reset Check Engine Lights

How to reset check engine lights should be left up to certified technicians to ensure that the problem is fixed and your vehicle is running smoothly. During check engine light service, the team at South Motors INFINITI inspects every part of your vehicle, which is something you can’t do at home without the advanced technology and equipment we use at our INFINITI service center.

This also gives our team the opportunity to discuss your maintenance schedule, outline the best time for routine maintenance and offer tips for preventative maintenance for your luxury SUV or sedan.

Schedule Check Engine Light Service Online

If you notice a check engine light flashing, it’s time to schedule service at South Motors INFINITI. Our team offers an expansive menu of auto repair services that range from wheel alignments and tire replacements to brake inspections, battery replacements, transmission repair and installation of accessories.

You can now save on the auto repairs you need with our monthly service specials and coupons. It’s our primary goal to serve you well. See how South Motors INFINITI is different from the rest. Contact us today.

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