Brake Service

Maintaining Your Vehicle’s Stopping Power

Brake Service

Stay Ready for Any Stop

Your INFINITI is designed to perform, rocking forward and hugging curves when you turn the wheel. Providing real stopping power and performance are your Genuine INFINITI brake pads and rotors, which are designed not only to provide the performance you crave but also the safety and reliability you depend on. At South Motor INFINITI, we ensure your INFINITI does just what you expect it to do when your foot hits the brake pedal by using Genuine INFINITI brake pads, rotors, and other genuine parts and accessories. An independent auto repair shop may use sub-par, aftermarket brake components that compromise the integrity and safety of your brake system, but here at our INFINITI service center, we use nothing but the best for your vehicle.

Are Your INFINITI’s Brakes Telling You Something?

Brake pads are such a crucial part of your vehicle’s performance and safety components, it’s important to know when your brakes need service. Due to the heat and friction that occurs when you depress the brake pedal, your brake pads, rotors, and fluid need to be replaced periodically. While your INFINITI may notify you with a warning light when its time to replace your brake pads, certain stopping emergencies or driving habits may cause uneven or premature wear. Though your INFINITI may notify you with a warning light if your brake pads are due for a replacement, are other telltale signs to look out for if something is amiss.

If you hear a squealing or grinding noise when you depress the brakes, that may be a sign that its time to bring your INFINITI into our quality auto repair center in Miami, FL for an inspection. If your vehicle pulls to one side or vibrates when you depress the brakes, that may be a sign of premature or uneven wear. This is a telltale sign that its time to bring your vehicle into our auto repair center for an inspection. One of the most common signs that its time to bring your vehicle in to have its brakes checked is if you notice that it takes longer than usual to stop. This can be a potentially dangerous situation, even if a warning light isn’t on, because, in emergency situations, you need all of the stopping power that your vehicle was designed to provide.

If your INFINITI is showing one of the telltale signs of brake wear, bring it into our auto repair center here at South Motors INFINITI for a complimentary brake inspection. Our trusted, factory-trained service technicians would be glad to perform a complimentary multi-point inspection of your vehicle’s brake system to ensure that your journeys are safe day in and day out.

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